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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Thursday, September 26, 2013


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Saturday, September 7, 2013


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Monday, July 8, 2013

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Friday, May 3, 2013


"Thought Provoking" Relationship Commentary
by: Rokk-I La' VON

"Are You REALLY Giving Up Enough of Yourself
To Maintain Your Relationship?" 

Selfish! Selfish! Selfish! Selfish! Selfish!!!
Almost every person that's in an unhealthy or unstable relationship is to some degree, Selfish! 
You're also very selfish if you're in a new relationship. All humans want and desire to be loved, but their own wants and selfish needs will not allow them to; Love, Care and Do unconditionally for their mate until "All" of their wants and needs are met first! Hum???

I bet you're wondering why I chose to start off my commentary with the word "Selfish" and why I continue to use it? Okay! I will explain. When people want a relationship or desire companionship, they always go through this mental check list of what they: want, need, must have and like. But they "Never" take into account of what "They" (Themselves) will or would have to: change, adjust or fit into someone else's check list. 
It becomes, might I say....... "All About You!"
That's Funny As Hell!
That's the main reason why your current, past or future union is not, did not and will not work!
A relationship or partnership will never survive if everyone only wants what they want and "Half Ass" it, when doing for their mate. Oh! And let's not forget this one! 
"I'm only doing this to get what I want!"
DAMN! Ain't that about nothing! There's a reason why so many people are single! We love to say that the reason we are single is because the person that we were with, was not honest or that they cheated! Look in the mirror and ask yourself.......
"Why did they cheat?"

Maybe! And it's possible that the question is: "Am I REALLY Giving Up Enough of Myself Unconditionally, To Maintain My Relationship?" The answer to that question is..... "NO!"
Because if you were "Unconditionally" giving up yourself for your mate or spouse, you wouldn't be having the problems that you're having in your relationship and/or you wouldn't be single! Now, I all ready know that everybody that will read and is reading this, will say that same old tired ass line.....
"I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to do for my mate!"
"They just don't know how to appreciate a good thing when they got it!"
Oh give me a Damn break!!!
Ask yourself, and be honest! How many times has or have your mate, spouse or lover asked you to: do something, go somewhere, try something or experience something new and your dumb selfish ass said..... "No!"
How many times have you said "No" to your mate, spouse or lover? That small two letter word is the most powerful word in the world! Humans detest that word! But we throw it around like we're Kings and Queens and our mates, spouses and lovers are our subjects! That one word will get you: Cheated On, Dumped, Un-cared for, Left, Disliked and Ultimately Single.

So, Are You REALLY Giving Up Enough of Yourself Unconditionally, To Maintain Your Relationship?
I'm guessing that the answer is a big fat "NO!" Now it's time to:
Start, Keep & Fix your relationship!
As of today, start with a clean slate and implement a little trust.
As long as the person that you're with "will not" put you in harms way and "will never" ask you to do something that they, themselves will not do. Open up! Forget about the past and immerse yourself into that person that you chose to be with.
The benefits of "Unconditional" giving and "sincere care" 
will be endless!

Relationship Commentary Written by: Rokk-I La' VON
"Are You REALLY Giving Up Enough of Yourself Unconditionally,
To Maintain Your Relationship?"

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"Mind Probing" Relationship Commentary
by: LatoniaReena

"Am I Allowing My Past Relationships
Control My Future?" 

Down through the years since the beginning of time, relationship problems had or have been in to play. 
Well it seems like we as people of all races, began to allow our past relationships to shape our future.
Just because you feel he/she dogged you out! You feel or think that every man/woman that comes your way is going to do the exact same thing. Your mind set has taken growth and rooted in the past.
Your heart has been poisoned to where you don't want to allow true love to come in. 
You have come to the point where your eyes are blinded by the fact that "all I can see" is these past
men/women that have hurt me.

These are some of the words or sayings that has come out of some, if not most of your mouths.
You began to say (women); "All men are: No good, Good for nothing, game running dogs!"
(Man Whores)
Also, (Men) you began to say; "All women are gold diggers, good for nothing, sluts!"
(Bitches & Hoes)
These sayings have shaped or molded your future mind set to the point you're stuck, when that right man/woman comes your way; that you've dreamed about, you prayed for, desired to have or fantasied about your whole life. 
You treat them like they were the last man/woman!
They're trying to figure out; "What did I do wrong?"
It was nothing they did, it was "You" holding on to the past.

Men and Women, we must fix this broken mind set because you're missing out on life! You're missing out on that man or woman that can make you happy.
You're passing up your future husband/wife that can complete you. You're missing out on a peace of mind, because those men/women have moved on to the next victim and you are allowing them to run "rent free" in your mind. Those men/women that are new in your life, don't have time to counsel you because of past relationship foolishness. That is taking up way too much time! They're taking more time out to reassure you, than "totally" love you.

Once again! How do I fix the problem?
First, you must understand that they're not the "bad guy", they didn't cheat on you or dog you out.
You must first get somewhere and allow your heart to heal with no malice or strife. 
Take time out and think; did I play a part in why my relationship didn't work in the first place. 
*Did I pray and ask GOD, is this the right one or did I just move with my feelings, think with the wrong head and moved on it???

Words of Wisdom: 
Take your past relationships and marriages and what you've learned from them and apply it to your current relationship and make it great! 
Love your new mate with your full heart.
Do something different because every man/woman is not the same. Learn to trust them,
because without trust, there is no
relationship or marriage!

-Relationship Commentary Written by: LatoniaReena-
"Am I Allowing My Past Relationships Control My Future?"


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*99 And A Half JUST Won't Do!*
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

"The Rokk-I La' VON Xperience" Presents.......

*An Erotica Poetic Short Story*
(by: Rokk-I "Mr. JackHamma" La' VON)

     When was the last time that you were held tightly, securely and passionately all through the night? When was the last time that you were in the arms of a MAN, that you knew cared about you and it felt so right? "JackHamma" is a MAN that provides the ultimate satisfaction with absolutely "No Strings Attached"! His mission is to be your Protector, your Provider, your Pleasurer and your consummate Pipe Layer! "JackHamma's" goal is to immerse himself deeply into your soul, because he understands that you're not getting the proper Love, Affection and Attention at home. As a woman, on occasions, you deserve a "One Night Gigolo". A MAN that will fulfill your deepest, darkest and SEXcellent fantasies! 
"JackHamma" is that MAN! The MAN that you call whenever you need your "Softest Place On Earth" filled with passion, vigor, satisfaction and HARD delight! A MAN that will take your mind and soul on a Sexual Trip of Ecstasy. For one night, "JackHamma" requires that you give into him and allow yourself to be his "Naughty Girl"! He will never hold it against you, because it's his job to bring the Kinky and the Freaky out of you! "JackHamma" is a single MAN, while his conquest is in a committed relationship. She's not getting what she desires from her man, but her soul cries out to be; Touched, Held, Kissed, Licked, Fingered, Seduced, Loved and Fucked by the one MAN that has her heart. The MAN that she craves but can not have! During pleasurable moments of supreme ecstasy, she calls him....... "Mr. JackHamma"!

*I've been watching you, and innately my soul tells me that you've been watching me too
*I would love to have you, and secretly I can feel that you would desire for me to have ALL of you
*I'm a single man with No attachments to keep me from having you
*But you have a man! I know he doesn't have your heart; that's your Special Gift that you hunger to bestow onto me, so I can make your passions cum true
*You dream about me, you think about me, you crave to "shout" my name when you have sex with him
*You've never told me any of this, but our souls are so deeply connected, that I can feel your inner most thoughts, but if you give me the opportunity, in your exquisite ocean I will swim
*I'm not the type of man to break up a "Happy Home"
*I'm the Strong, Romantic and Attentive Man that you need, if only for One Night, because it's your "Softest Place On Earth" where I would love to roam
*I understand that you aspire to be faithful, loving & true; and for that I commend you 
*But your spirit is calling me! Your soul is aching for me! Your pussy is wanting me deep inside of you! Just close your eyes and your fantasy will cum true
*I'll be your "One Night Gigolo", I'll even be your "1 Night Stand"! 
*But when I delve profoundly into your "Secret Garden", over and over again; with intense Passion and Bona fide Delight; It's my heart, mind, body & soul that "You" will demand
*This is not a sex thing; It's not a fuck thing; My mission is to do to you "All" of the things your man can't and won't do 
*Allow me to fulfill your deepest and most intimate fantasies; you can be my "Naughty Girl", I won't hold it against you! My job is to bring the kinky and the freaky out of you! Give in to me, so I can Please You
*Can my strong hands seductively pull your hair? Can my strong arms hold you tightly and securely? Can my lips kiss you all over your delicious body?
*Please, say Yes to all three! And if yo do, there are more passionate things I desire to do to your body, so.....Badly!
*Your man's lips "Does Not" feel like my lips! His tongue "Does Not" taste like my tongue! And he can "Never" touch your soul the way my words can make you feel
*I have a thirst for you and I'm DAMN sure you have a thirst for me too; share with me, One Night In Ecstasy, Because it's your heart I want to steal
*I respect that you have a man; his love for you may be true! But I'm your authentic rapture; Acquiesce me to be your destiny
*There's No Pressure! There's No Rush! You will always be my APHRODISIAC! But when your body and soul needs some tantalizing fulfillment, the doors for my lovin' is open; will you Please.....Cum To Me!
*When was the last time that you were held tightly, securely and passionately all through the night?
*When was the last time that you were in the arms of a man, that you knew cared about you and it felt so right?
*As I look into your soul. I mentally strip away your protective armour; the shield that guards your heart
*I diagnose your feelings, emotions and actions so I can construct a mission to capture your spirit and have you as my conquest because your ambience is a work of art
*I understand if you don't quite trust me with your soul; I know it's fragile & delicate and has been tormented several times before
*But it's imperative that I make you understand that I'm your serenity, my arms are your sanctuary and my protection of your soul, is your New Home.....will you walk through the door? 
*I'm never going to rush you! My charge is to make you feel; safe, secure and invigorated whenever you're in my embrace
*This MAN has a plan for your mind, body, spirit and soul; I desire to capture your heart; It's the scars from your past, that's what I intend to erase 
*My fixation is to repair your wounds and heal your spirit as well as replenish your trust, in hopes that you will open up a portal to your heart for me
*And in return, I will be your "Protector"! I will be your "Provider"! I will be your "Pleasurer"! and I will be your one and only "Pipe Layer"! As I pledge my soul to thee!
*When was the last time that your body was enlivened; that your mind was tantalized and your eyes cried (NOT from being hurt) but from the complete satisfaction of your inner soul?
*I demand of myself, the ultimate and continued satisfaction of your psyche constantly, daily; and it's only because of your essence that I pique to behold
*The element of your being is "Quintessential" to quench my thirst as my quest is to have and to hold your entity 
*You have never had what I'm willing to give to you and do for you; if you give in to me, it's more than just my tongue slowly moving up and down your spine; if your eyes say "Yes", I'm willing to hold you beyond infinity
*Do you only want to be chased? Is the thrill only in being hunted? Or are you willing, able and ready to be captured?
*I'm the Greatest hunter in the world! And when I hunt, I play for keeps! Let me know what direction I should proceed in or should I pause.....Because I've been looking at a mirage of an oasis, that I've manufactured?
*Is it mental stimulation that you must have? Is it physical arousal that your body needs? Or is it the warmth from being held, is what your midst desire?
*Baby.....I'm intellectually pleasing! I will physically galvanize your womb! And to hold you in my arms will feel as secure as Fort Knox! I can sense that your love is on "E", will you allow me to be your supplier?
*There is "No Pressure" on you to answer me now, because what I want, need and must have from you, is far more than a sexual relationship
*My desire to have you as my lady is immense; My longing to be your "Black Knight" is Titanic; my hungering to instruct your body to climax for me is astronomical; I yearn to inherit your existence into my world! But first and foremost I crave for your companionship
*For one night! Please.....allow yourself to give into me! So I can implement my words into action; as I apply for the job to be your sexual escape and always make your body and mind feel "Just Right"!
*But this night, it's Not about sex! Tonight is about the exploration of your beautiful naked body! I only want to please you mentally and seductively as my hands move slowly and softly up and down and all over your sensual body; Cum To Me, I will be your comforter! Baby! Can I.......Hold You All Through The Night?
*I know your day, was Hard and Rough
*I also know that dealing with those ASS HOLES at work can be tough
*You give everything in your spirit to do the best job that you can
*But most of the people that you work with are slackers and underachievers and will never understand
*Getting home from work was a chore because traffic was Bad as Hell
*The only thing that crossed your mind was getting out of them clothes, putting up your feet and relaxing well
*A conscious effort to get through the week; dealing with the stress of work, bills and kids is a tall feat
*I understand what you go through; the world is cold and humans can be difficult, now it's my turn to give you a deserving treat
*Allow me to relax your mind and body with the soft touch from my hands
*Allow me to oil your body down; every inch from your head to your feet, "I won't rush, I promise" cause I'm your body's biggest fan
*I will then give you a massage so delicate and so tender, I want you to be still and please don't run!
*I will touch every spot on your body not using my hands, you're wondering how? I'll use my tongue
*You whisper to me.....your body is on FIRE, your pussy is WET as a river and your nipples are Hard as a Brick
*You tell me to "Stop" playin' with your emotions and "PLEASE" give you this dick!
*Your "JackHamma" lover is here to bust your pussy wide open; make you cum, scream, moan and forget all about your long day
*My job is simple! "I Put In Work!" I please you! I tease you! I give you what you need! And also ease your pain! I'm always here when you need a good Fuckin', so baby girl, call me and your "Mr. JackHamma" will be there with no delay!
[Authored by: Rokk-I La' VON]

*Relationship Quote* 
"The foundation to maintain a committed relationship is the complete unadulterated fulfillment of your mate's deepest, darkest and SEXcellent fantasies! In order to keep your union resolute and strong, your obligation is to provide the ultimate satisfaction! Your sexual selflessness is mandatory!"
-by: Rokk-I La' VON- #EmperorOfEcstasy

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-by: Rokk-I La' VON-

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